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The effects of different volumes of dynamic stretching on 20-M repeated sprint ability performance

A. Ishak, H. Ahmad, N. I. Mohamed, N. A. Rosman


The purpose of this within-subjects counterbalanced design study is to elucidate the effects of different volumes of dynamic stretching on Repeated Sprint Ability (RSA) performance. Thirteen male team sport athletes perfromed a repeated sprint ability test consisting of a maximal 6 x 20 meter sprint (with 30s active recovery between each sprint) following different volumes of dynamic stretching (DSS1, DSS2 and DSS3). The results showed no significant difference for all parameters between all the all dynamic stretching volumes. Results show that any of the dynamic stretching volumes may be used as a warm up prior to the repeated sprints session. However, DSS1 confers some advantage in terms of lesser times, though not statistically significant for BST, MST and TST

Keywords: fatigue; set; repetition; specific warm-up; recovery.
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