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Fascicle behaviour analysis during forward lunge exercise: the comparisons between training loads

A. M. Nadzalan, N. I. Mohamad, J. F. L. Low, R. Ahmad, E. Waqqash


This study was conducted to determine and compare the fascicle behaviour during forward lunge exercise with different loadings lifted. Thirty recreationally active, untrained men (mean age = 21 ± 0.83 years old) were recruited and were assigned to perform forward lunge with 30% 1RM (30FL) and 70% 1RM (70FL) with both their dominant and non-dominant leg. For both dominant and non-dominant leg, results showed that FLmax, FLmin, PAmax and PAmin were all greater during 70FL compared to 30FL, p < 0.001. However, lengthening and shortening velocity were found to be greater during 30FL compared to 70FL, p < 0.05. During both 30FL and 70FL, all the fascicle behaviour variables were found to be greater in the dominant limb compared to non-dominant limb. In conclusion, fascicles were shown to response differently across different loadings executed that might affect the muscle architecture adaptations.

Keywords: training loadings, hypertrophy, muscle adaptation, asymmetry, specificity
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