Injury profile of non-contact sports for Perak SUKMA athletes

  • A. C. Lee
  • M. Sankaravel
  • S. Mondam
  • P. F. Kuang
Keywords: epidemiology, non-contact sports, Perak SUKMA athletes, non-contact sports injuries, acute and chronic injuries.


The purpose of this study is to identify the injury profile of non-contact sports among Perak SUKMA athletes. The data from this injury is examined based on the five research questions which are nature of injury, body part, severity of injury (mild, moderate, severe), types of injury (acute or chronic), and factors of injury. The descriptive statistics was utilized to analyze the research variables. The results showed that subsequent injury (57.8%) more than new injury (42.2%) while the incidence of injuries happened more in lower limb (51.1%). The severity of injuries can be seen more in moderate injury with 73.3%. Chronic injury (71.9%) was reported more than the acute injury (28.1%). Lastly, the finding revealed that self induce (46.7%) is the main factor contributin injuries. In conclusion, supervision and monitoring athletes during training is essential by all the sports community to minize the risk of injury.

Keywords: epidemiology; non-contact sports; Perak SUKMA athletes; non-contact sports injuries; acute and chronic injuries.

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eISSN: 1112-9867