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Relationship between sleep and mood states among student-athlete of Majlis Sukan Negeri (MSN), Perak

K. N. May, N. A. Razak


This study aims to examine the relationship between sleep and mood states on student-athlete. The respondent consists of 89 student-athletes from MajlisSukanNegeri, Perak. There were 53 male respondent (59.3%) and 36 female respondent (40.4%). These respondent were range from age 13 to 21 years old are chosen from the category of individual and team sports. The instruments used were Profile of Mood States (POMS). For sleep status, result was sort out by two categories, which is normal sleep and sleep deprivation. There were 34 respondent with sleep deprivation condition (38.2 %) and 55 respondent with normal sleep condition (61.8%). According to the results,Pearson’s correlation showed positive relationship between sleep status and athlete’s mood states. In conclusion, student-athletes showed more negative mood (depress and tension) in sleep deprived condition.

Keywords: sleep; sleep deprivation; normal sleep; mood states.
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