Hydrothermal complex of the Souk Ahras Basin: geological and hydrogeochemical approaches (north east of Algeria)

  • Y Bouroubi-Ouadfel
  • M Djebbar
  • A Khiari
Keywords: Triassic evaporate, thermal waters, tectonic, deep fluid circulation


North- East of Algeria, in The Souk Ahras region, the Triassic evaporates are in the form of important intrusive masses. Thermal and cold water emerge from various training. These sources present are taking their pathways along the faulting system. A complex multilayered reservoir has significant potential water. The karstic aquifer consists mainly on fresh water. Thermal water characterized by high salinity is carbo-gaseous. Collection and chemical analysis of major water elements in addition to nonionic mineral compounds (SiO2) and trace elements (Sr2+, F-, Br-) have determined a deep saline fluid circulation. The tectonic effect would be responsible for the current water flow. Cartography of fracturing system has identified a NNW-SSE hot spring distribution. Similar alignment can match the faulting system direction affecting the concerned study area.

Keywords: Triassic evaporate; thermal waters; tectonic; deep fluid circulation


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eISSN: 1112-9867