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Water deficit effects on morpho-physiologicals parameters in durum wheat

S Chahbar
M Belkhodja


Various morpho-physiological characters related to the water deficit (relative water content, rate water loss, stomatal density, stomatal resistance), were studied at five durum wheat genotypes under two hydrous conditions. The relationship between traits and adaptative strategies develops by each genotype have been described. Results obtained show that been present an appreciable variability intraspecific for the morpho-physiological parameters related to the adaptation to the water deficit. Tolerance of this condition has estimated through for relative water content who is explained by morpho-physiological parameters. Finally, the contribution of the morpho-physiological parameters in the adaptation of the durum wheat depends closely on the intensity of the hydrous deficit.

Keywords: durum wheat, water deficit, adaptation, morphological parameters, physiological parameters

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print ISSN: 1112-9867