Experimental characterization of clay soils behavior stabilized by polymers

  • S Rehab Bekkouche
  • G Boukhatem
Keywords: Mechanic, Polymer, Expansive clay, Optimum, Compressibility


In this work, we propose to use both PVC and HDPE polymers such additions in cohesive soils to determine their influence on the physical and mechanical properties of soil-polymer material in function of time, which should insure some optimal period of life. For this purpose, different tests including Atterberg Limits, standard compaction, swelling potential, and swelling pressure, were conducted on control and treated soil samples using different Percentage of Polymer (PVC and HDPE) (0, 3 and 6%). Also California Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests were conducted on control and treated samples. The results showed that soil treatment with PVC and HDPE, resulted in improvement of CBR and maximum dry density and reduction in Atterberg Limits, swelling potential and swelling pressure. The addition of a small percentage of polymer causes initially at (t =0 sec) an instantaneous of deformation (elastic response), followed by a time-dependent deformation with the speed of the increasing deformation.

Keywords: Mechanic; Polymer; Expansive clay; Optimum; Compressibility


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867