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Exploratory studies of asset based approach as the medium for disaster recovery

S. M. A. Razak, M. Sapri, I. Sipan, N. H. A. Maimun


Flood disaster contributes disastrous impacts to the community in terms of the physical destruction, economic and social consequences. While the damages have been done, the recovery and rectification works may take years to carry out. This situation is worsened by the attention and consideration given only to the recovery of the tangible assets while the importance of the intangible assets in facilitating the recovery process is always overlook. In contrast, asset-based approach concept urged the community to use tangible and intangible simultaneously to have comprehensive recovery against the impacts of disaster. However, the research on this topic is still infancy. Therefore, this paper aims to examine the state of knowledge in relation to the asset-based approach concept that helps to fasten the recovery process of the victims. Following to that, this paper will discuss the literatures involves in disaster management, asset based approach theory, and tangible and intangible assets.

Keywords: Asset Based Approach, Tangible Asset, Intangible Asset, Flood

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