An improved controller for grass cutting application

  • Z.I. Rizman
  • J Adnan
  • F.R. Hashim
  • I.M. Yassin
  • A Zabidi
  • F.K. Zaman
  • K.H. Yeap
Keywords: remote control, lawnmower, radio frequency (RF), cutter machine, solar panel


An improved controller of machine cutter capable to improve grass cutting process become easier. The maneuver of the machine is controlled by radio frequency (RF) remotely, where the transmitter embedded in the remote control while the receiver is placed at the lawnmower. The RF signal is transferred by the remote control to the lawnmower via the antenna (joystick) signal. RF is an effective medium for long distance transmission with low cost. In this project, transmitter and receiver be programmed to control the movement of the lawnmower and the speed of blade. The H-bridge connection in the circuit is used to control the maneuver of lawnmower, whether to be slow or fast. The lawnmower is attached with solar panel circuit in order to charge the battery.

Keywords: remote control; lawnmower; radio frequency (RF); cutter machine; solar panel

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867