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Stress-strain analysis of the shells of the long oblique helicoid form

E. Tupikova


The paper discusses the issue of numeric-analytical analysis of the stress-strain state of thin elastic shell in the form of oblique helicoid. The stress-strain state of thin shells under static load is considered. The equation of surface in non-conjugate non-orthogonal coordinate system is used. The assumptions and simplifications of thin shell theory are used in two variants: for shallow and non-shallow shells. The one-dimentional problem is analyzed for quasisymmetric loading. The examples for steel and reinforced concrete shells are given. The results are compared to the results obtained by means of the finite element analysis. The results for some simple cases, obtained by the numeric-analytical method proposed, can be used as a sort of standard for controlling and comparing results, obtained by finite element analysis while designing more complex real objects.

Keywords: oblique helicoid; thin elastic shell, numeric-analytical method, stress-strain state

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