Impact of photovoltaic distributed generation on unbalance phenomenon in distribution feeder

  • J. P. Sharma
  • H. R. Kamath
Keywords: unbalance phenomenon, distributed generation, stochastic feeder performance.


In a smart grid environment, voltage sensitive composite load characteristics, poor voltage profile and rapid integration of distributed generation (DG) are imperative to compute reactive power status at the point of coupling (PCC) during each iteration of load flow computation. In this work, a fuzzy expert system based photo voltaic DG placement has been utilized to evaluate stochastic unbalance phenomenon for a modified IEEE 37 node test feeder. Key performance parameters are evaluated for six different DG operational modes and compared with results obtained in the base case. By investigation of obtained stochastic unbalance results for different six PV DG operational modes, it has been observed that DG operational mode at 0.95 lead power factor is more suitable than other ways for improving unbalance phenomenon.

Keywords: unbalance phenomenon; distributed generation; stochastic feeder performance.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867