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Effects of advera® warm mix additive on the rheological properties of unaged and short term aged asphalt binders

M. N. M Taher
M. Y. Aman


The performance of asphalt pavement is mainly governed by the properties of the binder. Many asphalt pavement distress are pronounced to be related to the rheological properties of asphalt binder. The oxidation changes the structure and composition of asphalt binder resulting stiffer and brittle of asphalt. This paper described SuperpaveTM binder that was used to characterize the rheological properties of PG64 asphalt binders blended with various Advera® contents subjected to unaged and short term aged. Rotational viscometer (RV) and Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR) were conducted to measure binder properties at higher and intermediate temperature respectively. The results indicated that, the addition of Advera® in the asphalt binder exhibited change in binder rheology which influenced rutting parametery

Keywords: Advera®; Aging; Viscosity; Rotational viscometer; Dynamic shear rheometer.

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print ISSN: 1112-9867