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Сontrol systems using mathematical models of technological objects in the control loop

I. V. Sharikov, F. I. Sharikov


The control problems for technological objects with distributed state variables and large dead times are discussed in the present article. The creation of control systems using the object model in the control loop is considered. It is shown that the most effective approach for the
development of models of chemical-processing facilities is a method of heat flow calorimetry for the creation of kinetic models of processes in multiphase systems and the use of simplified hydrodynamics models to describe mass transport processes. The demonstration of the successful application of this approach for creating mathematical models and their use in control systems has been shown for two important industrial processes, namely, the sintering process in the preparation of cement clinker in tubular rotating kilns and the modification process for epoxy resins with 1,4-butanediol to obtain epoxy polymers with improved physical and mechanical properties. Such mathematical models make it possible to specify the optimal operating modes of the considered processes.

Key words: the objects with delay, models for control, kinetics, heat flux calorimetry, cement
clinker, epoxy resins.

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