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Automation of capacitance measurements for power semiconductor modules

A. J. Drakin, V. F. Zotin, A. N. Shkolin


This paper presents an overview of questions related to the increase in accuracy of measurements of capacitance parameters of power semiconductor modules when developing a device for automated measurements. The paper addresses the matters of circuit engineering of primary components, technical characteristics and software of a meter designed to automate the process of testing of capacitance parameters of power modules based on insulated gate
bipolar transistors and fast recovery diodes. Unit testing results that prove the efficiency of
the proposed method of the technical implementation are provided. Software implementation is described; ways to improve software-hardware solution are proposed. The paper is of value for developers and users of equipment for automated testing of electric parameters of semiconductor devices.

Keywords: automated test equipment (ATE), capacitance parameters, IGBT, FRD, power semiconductor modules, MATLAB.

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