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Laws and regularities of vocational pedagogy

N. V. Ronzhina, G. М. Romantsev, E. V. Zaitseva, M. D. Scherbin


The issue under study is relevant, since a modern pedagogical science needs to establish a
dialectical relationship between the theory and practice of vocational education, because
research in this area as well as in vocational pedagogy has lagged behind the implemented
practical transformations and reforms in recent years.
The aim of the paper is to justify the definition of “vocational pedagogy” and to find out whether it is right to use the terms “law” and “regularity” with respect to an independent field of a pedagogical science – vocational pedagogy. The leading approach to studying the above issue is the method of modelling, which enables to reveal the peculiarities of the effect of formulated regularities of vocational pedagogy at the modern stage of society development, to extrapolate their effect on the nearest future of vocational education development and to provide a science-based forecast of its evolution. The results of the research: we revealed the regularities of vocational pedagogy and vocational education, gave a definition of vocational pedagogy as a methodological basis for
vocational education, and defined the perspectives of their development. The materials of the paper may be useful for specialists in regulatory, theoretical and practical activities in education for developing and improving educational and professional standards as well as for developing a model for creating future competitive employees in the system of vocational education taking into account the established regularities in the development of the theory and practice of vocational education.

Keywords: laws, regularities, creative thinking, vocational education, vocational pedagogy,

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