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Organization of a common information space in the teaching of mathematics, using the synergetic approach

V. V. Bogun


The issues of organization of the process of teaching mathematicsin higher educational institutions, with the use of synergetic approach, based on the implementation of a common information educational space, are considered in the article.When implementing the process of teaching mathematics with the use of synergetic approach, it is implied that university students carry out complex scientific-research projects, within the framework of small groups, in terms of a dialogue of mathematical, information and various natural-science and humanitarian cultures. The essence of each of the projects is a multifaceted study of complex mathematical objects and processes by students of small groups, from the point of view of integrationof the arbitrarily obtained components of the finite set of initially existing chaotic complex of knowledge and skills of students. It is done with the purpose of development the complex mathematical models of objects, with the possibility of creation of various systems with their unique properties, characteristics and principles. The use of synergetic approach in the integration of complexscientific-research projects and distance learning allows to form the fundamentally new common information and education environment, which integrates knowledge from various scientific fields and academic disciplines. The implementation of such innovative method of teaching mathematics is of multi-stage nature. Individual representatives of each of the small groups carry out the corresponding profile activity, aimed at achieving the overall goal of the small group, within the framework of each stage. To organize the process of teaching mathematics in terms of considering the dialogue of cultures, using the synergetic approach, it is proposed to use the information environment, developed by V. V. Bogun, in the framework of a common information and education space.


Keywords: common information and education environment, synergetic approach, teaching mathematics, dialogue of cultures, natural science disciplines, remote system of dynamic calculation projects.

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