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Reconstruction of the historical and cultural landscape of the late XIX century"Settlement "Kamennaya melnitsa""in the process of future designers training

Z. N. Gaptraupova, L. H. Kadyjrova, K. I. Musina, Z. Y. Baranova


Today, the problem of preservation of historical and cultural landscapes as the objects of local history, eyewitnesses to the memory of Kazan development, as the objects for the
development of domestic tourism in Tatarstan, is especially urgent. One of such objects is the lost cultural and historical landscape of the studied object “Settlement“ Kamennaya Melnitsa””, located at Vysokogorsk district of the Republic of Tatarstan. At the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries, there was the flour production, belonging to the family of merchants - the Suslovs. In the course of the work, geological, hydrological, ecological and historical features of the Blue Lakes area and the history of flour milling industry, using water mills, were studied. The article presents the main provisions, which allow to implement the project of reconstruction the historical and cultural landscape of the “Settlement “Kamennaya Melnitsa””, located within the specially protected natural area of the "Blue Lakes" reserve, into the study programs of the additional education institutions of the small homeland history. This is done with the aim to preserve historical connection of generations, as well as to promote the process of reviviscence of cultural and historical objects. Detailed characteristics and description of the objects of historical and cultural landscape is given in the work. The practical experience is shown in a logical sequence from the initial studies of the surviving remnants of historical objects to the project of its renovation and 3-D visualization.

Keywords: historical and cultural landscape, cultural and historical heritage, renovation, reconstruction, 3-D visualization.

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