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Specifics of computer discourse translation from English into Russian

N. A. Sigacheva, A. R. Baranova, G. K. Gizatova, R. R. Fahrutdinov


Relevance of the problem under study is caused by need of further development of science and technology in Russia and abroad and it inevitably puts on the agenda the issue of information exchange in the field of scientific and technological achievements. This article is directed on identification and analysis of main features of translation of lexical and grammatical phenomena of computer discourse. The leading approaches to research of this problem are logical and gnosiological analysis, method of actualization, selection, systematization and generalization with analysis of the specifics of lexical-grammatical phenomena of computer discourse point of translation studies. The main results of the study are that the concept of computer discourse and the characteristics of technical translation were analyzed; specificity of computer terminology translation was revealed; lexical and grammatical phenomena of computer discourse in terms of the theory of translation were investigated. The article may be useful for IT teachers when preparing teaching aids and manuals on languages, seminars and special courses on English in the field of information technology and dictionaries of the English and Russian languages.

Key words: language, translation, text, linguistics, introduction, computer, discourse, minority, terminology, semantics, grammar.

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