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Limitary request queue choice mathematical model for the real time streams transfer by means of the mobile ad hoc network radio channel

K.O. Polshchykov, S. A. Lazarev, A. D. Zdorovtsov


The mathematical model for the limitary request queue choice for real time streams transfer by means of the wireless self-organized network radio channel is offered. For quality assessment of the multimedia traffic transfer it is offered to use probability of the radio channel request service reservation productivity. The model reflects dependence of channel resources reservation requests service probability on parameters of these inquiries and radio channel parameters. The model is based on the mass service theory mathematical apparatus, probability-and-time graphs and the generating functions use. It is shown that on the basis of the offered mathematical model it is possible to carry out the limitary request queue choice for reservation of a radio channel productivity which allows increasing significantly the probability of high-quality real time streams transfer.

Keywords: Mobile ad hoc network, mathematical model, real time flows, requests queue.

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