Wide dynamic range tranimpedance amplifier using peaking capacitance technique for high speed optical wireless communication system

  • A. F. Chandio
  • B. Das
  • M. K. Rathi
  • N. B. Marzuki
  • M. F. L Abdullah
  • M. S. A. Khan
  • B. Pandey
Keywords: Bandwidth, Gain, Optical preamplifier, Optical transceivers.


In the high speed optical communication, the requirement of designing the new optical transceivers is quite challenging due to the bandwidth, noise and environmental conditions for designing the optical transceivers. The optical transceivers design is also challenging because of weak optical signal at the frond-end amplifier. In this paper, the optical transceivers via an optical preamplifier for optical wireless communication is designed. The designed system offers the improved performance in terms of bandwidth and gain compared to existing optical transceivers. It is defined that using the designed system, a high bandwidth of 2.114GHz at 29.72dB gain is achieved. The designed optical transceiver provides the bandwidth enhancement utilizing the peaking inductor and capacitor.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867