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Study of domestic wastewater treatment bymacrophyte plant in Arid Region of South-east Algeria (case of el oued region)

Kh. Yahiaoui, A. Zoubeidi, N. Rouahna, A. Ouakouak


Removal of wastewater pollution by natural treatment systems such as wetlands is achieved using filter media and macrophytes plants. The functioning of constructed wetlands relies on physical, chemical and biological processes. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the performance of the Phragmites australis for domestic wastewater  treatment under an arid climate. Experiments were conducted during three months (February, March and April). Results indicate that the variation of pH values of raw and treated wastewater is not significant. The electrical conductivity increases strongly during March and April. It was also found that dissolved oxygen in planted filter exceeds that of the unplanted one. Also, the higher performance in BOD and Ntot removal by the planted filter confirms the important role of this plant in the treatment process.

Keywords: Pollution; wetlands; filter media; performance; Phragmites australis.

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