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The Principal Components Analysis (PCA) to evaluate the quality of water of the Bouhamdane river, Guelma (north-east Algerian)

N. Zeghaba, A. Laraba


The waterways are often charged with matters. An excess of matter generally presents a risk of contamination concerning water of irrigation as well as for groundwater. Bouhamdane is located in the center of an agricultural city; surrounded by mountains. This area finds its fertility thanks in particular to the Seybouse river and dam which ensures a vast perimeter of irrigation (13000 ha). However, the development of industry, accompanied by a very thorough growth of the population involved a deterioration of the nature of surface and underground waters. In order to evaluate the quality of water of the watershed of the Bouhamdane river, twenty six (26) samples were partly taken and analyzed in upstream of the basin (Bouhamdane, Bordj Sabat and Oued Zenati rivers), during two periods. The results have been treated statistically by the Principal  Component Analysis (PCA). This approach  if treatment gives an  estimate on the quality of this water of the watershed in different sectors and the origin of the sources of pollution especially agricultural and  domestic.

Keywords: Watershed; dam; Bouhamdane river; quality of water; (PCA); Guelma.

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