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Vol 8, No 2 (2016): Special Issue: Part 3 A study on the personalization methods of the web Abstract   PDF
M Hajighorbani, S.M. Reza Hashemi, M.M. Deramgozin, M Faridpour
Vol 9, No 1S (2017): Special Issue A study on the role of Sama in literary-mystical texts Abstract   PDF
A. Sadat Mir Mohammadi
Vol 8, No 3 (2016): Special Issue A study to design the emergency reaction plan for LPG tanks in 5th refinery, south pars gas-condensate by using phast software Abstract   PDF
A Boluirian, S Givehchi, M Nasrabadi
Vol 10, No 2 (2018) A systematic study on predicting depression using text analytics Abstract   PDF
V. Mishra, T. Garg
Vol 8, No 2 (2016): Special Issue: Part 3 A theoretical study on poverty Abstract   PDF
N Roohbakhsh, M Yadollahi
Vol 9, No 7S (2017): Special Issue A univariate estimation of the Philippine’s exchange rate Abstract   PDF
J.D. Urrutia, R. L. Tampis
Vol 9, No 5S (2017): Special Issue A variable sampling interval EWMA t control chart with unknown shift size Abstract   PDF
P.S. Ng, M.B.C. Khoo, W.C. Yeong, S.L. Lim
Vol 8, No 2 (2016): Special Issue About one non linear generalization of the compression reflection principle Abstract   PDF
А. А. Vantsyan, H. А. Gevorgyan, M. Moravej
Vol 8, No 2 (2016) Abscisic acid effects on water and photosynthetic characteristics of two ecotypes of Atriplex halimus L. Abstract   PDF
Y Bidai, A Achour, M Belkhodja
Vol 9, No 3 (2017) Abundance and species richness of lombric macrofauna in a semi-arid forest ecosystem Abstract   PDF
N Ababsa, A Laiche, F Djabbar
Vol 10, No 2S (2018): Special Issue Academic dishonesty among the computer science students in an English critical reading course Abstract   PDF
K.L. Ngo, M.N. Juliana, A.H.N. Jawanees, A Salihah, R Norhamimah, I.M.A. Nafizi
Vol 10, No 3S (2018): Special Issue Acceptability of android device control system Abstract   PDF
F.M. Ganancias
Vol 9, No 5S (2017): Special Issue Achievement of course outcome in vector calculus pre-test questions Abstract   PDF
N Lohgheswary, Z.M. Nopiah, A.A. Aziz, E Zakaria
Vol 9, No 1S (2017): Special Issue Activation of threaded bolting elements Abstract   PDF
P Dvořák
Vol 9, No 6S (2017): Special Issue Acute effects of active isolated stretching on vertical jump performance in active university students Abstract   PDF
E. Waqqash, N. Osman, A. M. Nadzalan, M. A. Mustafa
Vol 8, No 3 (2016): Special Issue Adaptation of theatrical elements of nezami ganjawi: a case study on the ballad of khosrow and shirin Abstract   PDF
M Amiri
Vol 9, No 7S (2017): Special Issue Addressing the needs of international students: a case from a russian university Abstract   PDF
O. L. Kocheva, T. S. Vershinina, M. O. Guzikova
Vol 9, No 7S (2017): Special Issue Aerodynamic sound from a sawtooth plate with different thickness Abstract   PDF
S. R. L. Samion, M. S. M. Ali, C. Doolan
Vol 9, No 7S (2017): Special Issue Aesthetic and semanticaccents of the neo-gothic interpretation in Russia Abstract   PDF
L. R. Mukhametzyanova, M. K. Yao, J. G. Emanova, K. G. Pozdnyakova
Vol 9, No 7S (2017): Special Issue Aesthetic approach to green transportation planning in tourism with design factors Abstract   PDF
J. Ko, E. Kim, D. W. Jeong, D. K. Kim
Vol 9, No 4S (2017): Special Issue Agarwood oil quality classifier using machine learning Abstract   PDF
M. A. Abas, N. S. A. Zubir, N. Ismail, I.M. Yassin, N.A.M. Ali, M.H.F. Rahiman, N.T. Saiful, M.N. Taib
Vol 9, No 2S (2017): Special Issue Air quality modelling using chemometric techniques Abstract   PDF
A Azid, N.A.A. Rani, M.S. Samsudin, S.I. Khalit, M.B. Gasim, M.K.A. Kamarudin, K Yunus, A.S.M. Saudi, K.M.K.K. Yusof
Vol 9, No 7S (2017): Special Issue Alkali and bleach treatment of the extracted cellulose from pineapple (Ananas comosus) leaves Abstract   PDF
J. C. Grumo, L. J. Y. Jabber, J. N. Patricio, M. R. D. Magdadaro, A. A. Lubguban, A. C. Alguno
Vol 8, No 2 (2016): Special Issue Allelopathic effects of medicinal plants on germination and seedling growth of some weeds Abstract   PDF
N Mahboobi, A.R. Heidarian
Vol 9, No 5S (2017): Special Issue Al-Quran ontology based on knowledge themes Abstract   PDF
A Ta'a, Q.A. Abed, M Ahmad
Vol 10, No 2S (2018): Special Issue Al-Quran recitation speech signals time series segmentation for speaker adaptation using dynamic time warping Abstract   PDF
N Shafie, M.Z. Adam, H Abas
Vol 9, No 6S (2017): Special Issue Aluminum toxicity in acid sulfate soil alleviated with biogenic liming composites of blood cockle shell and palm kernel shell Abstract   PDF
N. M. A. Salleh, C. F. Ishak, A. Saat, S. K. Yong
Vol 9, No 3S (2017): Special Issue An analysis of a discrete cosine transform (DCT)compression technique on low level features of image for image retrieval system Abstract   PDF
M.A.M. Shukran, N. Abdullah, A.M.A. Zaida, M.R.M. Isa, M.N. Ismail
Vol 8, No 3 (2016): Special Issue An analysis of the transformational leadership theory Abstract   PDF
M Moradi Korejan, H Shahbazi
Vol 9, No 6S (2017): Special Issue An analysis on compensation of claims regarding to personal Injury and loss of earning on several court cases Abstract   PDF
N. Awang, N. Majid, S. Saleh, J. Said
Vol 9, No 5S (2017): Special Issue An architecture of Multiagent System (MAS) for healthcare Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS) Abstract   PDF
N Mahiddin, Z.A. Othman, A.A. Bakar
Vol 8, No 2 (2016): Special Issue: Part 4 An examination of iranian penal policies to deal with administrative and economic corruptions, emphasizing the islamic penal code that's been adopted in 2013 Abstract   PDF
A Mozaffari, M Reza Rahmat
Vol 9, No 2S (2017): Special Issue An experimental study on gold precipitation from leach solutions of technogenic gold-bearing raw materials Abstract   PDF
A.V. Taskin, A.A. Yudakov, S.I. Ivannikov, O.I. Yelkin, O.S. Danilov, L.N. Alekseyko
Vol 8, No 1 (2016) An exploration on the synthesis and bio-applications of derivatives of heterocyclic Mannich bases Abstract   PDF
PS Manjula, BK Sarojini, B Narayana, CG Darshan Raj
Vol 9, No 6S (2017): Special Issue An external control unit implemented for stimulator ASIC testing Abstract   PDF
E. Noorsal, K. Sooksood, H. Xu, Z. I. Rizman
Vol 10, No 1S (2018): Special Issue An improved controller for grass cutting application Abstract   PDF
Z.I. Rizman, J Adnan, F.R. Hashim, I.M. Yassin, A Zabidi, F.K. Zaman, K.H. Yeap
Vol 9, No 2S (2017): Special Issue An information model of a centralized admission campaign in Russian higher education institutions Abstract   PDF
A.I. Pykhtin, O.V. Ovchinkin
Vol 9, No 2S (2017): Special Issue An Intelligent Lighting Control System (ILCS) using LabVIEW Abstract   PDF
S.B. Mohamed, M Minhat, M.S. Kasim, M.H.M. Adam, M.A. Sulaiman, Z.I. Rizman
Vol 10, No 1S (2018): Special Issue An intelligent talent recognition of male youth field hockey players using physical fitness, anthro-energy intake and psychological variables Abstract   PDF
N Alias, MR Abdullah, RM Musa, ABHM Maliki, NA Kosni, V Eswaramoorthi, SM Mat-Rasid, A Adnan, H Juahir
Vol 9, No 3S (2017): Special Issue An investigation on detonator triggering effect subjected to radio frequency energy exposure Abstract   PDF
A.B.Z. Zuraida, S.D.S. Fairuz, M.S. Risby, A Amirah, A.R.M. Raziff
Vol 9, No 7S (2017): Special Issue An investigation on polymeric blend mixed matrix membranes of polyethersulfone/polyvinyl acetate/carbon molecular sieve for CO2/Ch4 separation Abstract   PDF
M. Farnam, H. Mukhtar, A. M. Shariff
Vol 5, No 1 (2013) Analysis and optimization of In1-xGaxAsyBb1-y thermophotovoltaic cells under low radiator temperatures Abstract   PDF
F Bouzid, N Maamri
Vol 10, No 1S (2018): Special Issue Analysis awkward posture at food production activity using RULA assessment Abstract   PDF
S.A. Syed Ali, S.R. Kamat, S.B. Mohamed
Vol 3, No 2 (2011) Analysis of a data base of chalcopyrite semiconductors in 2 and 3 dimensions Abstract   PDF
AM Ferouani, MR Merad Boudia, H Hachemi
Vol 9, No 1 (2017) Analysis of a fully developed laminar flow b/w two parallel plates separated by a distance by using Comsol Multiphysics Abstract   PDF
S.S. Raza
Vol 10, No 3S (2018): Special Issue Analysis of academic performance of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration student of Surigao del Sur State University - Cantilan Campus Abstract   PDF
Jillard O. Mercado, Rozette E. Mercado, Jaypee B. Julve, Geraldine V. Naga
Vol 9, No 3S (2017): Special Issue Analysis of CO2 emissions reduction in power sector for sustainable environment Abstract   PDF
S.S. Hafshar, A. Johari, H. Hashim
Vol 10, No 1S (2018): Special Issue Analysis of development of tafsir studies in the magazine ‘Pengasuh’ year 1955-2015 Abstract   PDF
M Ibrahim, A.A.F.C.M. Rahim, A.H. Usman
Vol 4, No 1 (2012) Analysis of Indexed-Guided Highly Birefringent Photonic Crystal Fiber Employing Different Cladding Geometries Abstract   PDF
AM Jouri, LM Simohamed, A Boudrioua, O Ziane, B Hassani, A Dadi
Vol 3, No 1 (2011) Analysis of Induction Motor with Broken Bars and Constant Speed Using Circuit-Field Coupled Method Abstract   PDF
N Halem, SE Zouzou, K Srairi
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