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Vol 8, No 3 (2016) Daily rainfall-runoff modelling by neural networks in semi-arid zone: case of Wadi Ouahrane’s basin Abstract   PDF
K Benzineb, M Remaoun
Vol 9, No 2 (2017) Dairy production and sources of cellular variability of milk of cow's in two large farms in semi-arid environment (Tunisia coastal) Abstract   PDF
Y M’Sadak, I Hamed
Vol 9, No 3S (2017): Special Issue Data acquisition based on honeycomb technique to track cyber Islamic States recruitment Abstract   PDF
N.A.A. Jamaludin, M.N. Ismail, M.F.M. Amran
Vol 9, No 4S (2017): Special Issue Data pre-processing: a case study in predicting student’s retention in MOOC Abstract   PDF
N. Mohamad, N.B. Ahmad, S. Sulaiman
Vol 9, No 6S (2017): Special Issue Data visualization of temporal ozone pollution between urban and sub-urban locations in Selangor Malaysia Abstract   PDF
N. Shaadan, L. N. Nazeri, M. F. M. Jalani, N. F. A. A. Rahman, R. R. Roslan
Vol 10, No 2S (2018): Special Issue Decision tree optimization for Sukuk rating prediction Abstract   PDF
M Kartiwi, T.S. Gunawan, T Arundina, M.A. Omar
Vol 9, No 6S (2017): Special Issue Decolorization of reactive red-120 by using macrofungus and microfungus Abstract   PDF
N. N. Ibrahim, S. A. Talib, H. N. Ismail, C. C. Tay
Vol 10, No 2S (2018): Special Issue Degradation of particleboard made using glutardialdehyde modified corn starch as the binder by soil and soil inhabiting organisms Abstract   PDF
M.H.M. Amini, R Hashim, N.S. Sulaiman, S Hiziroglu, O Sulaiman, M Mohamed, M.N. Masri, M.B.A. Bakar
Vol 9, No 7S (2017): Special Issue Demystifying communication signal lost for network redundancy connectivity: evidence from coverage analysis studies on AMR systemarticle Abstract   PDF
W. Hashim, A. F. Ismail, K. Badron, A. S. Yahya, S. H. Sulaiman, M. S. Sauti
Vol 9, No 6S (2017): Special Issue Dengue fatality prediction using data mining Abstract   PDF
N.F. Rahim, S. M. Taib, A. I. Z. Abidin
Vol 8, No 3 (2016): Special Issue Density and dry weight of pigweed by various weed control methods and various resources of nitrogen fertilizer in corn forage farm Abstract   PDF
M Aryan Mehr, A Ghanbari, R Ghorbani, M Nasiri Mahallati, R Khorasani, G Asadi
Vol 8, No 1 (2016) Description and variation factors of individual cell counts of milk in of units bovins aboveground (Tunisian Sahel) Abstract   PDF
Y M’Sadak, R Haj Mbarek, L Mighri
Vol 9, No 1 (2017) Desert truffles from northeastern Algerian coasal dunes: Ecology, identification and symbiosis Abstract   PDF
A. Dafri, A. Beddiar
Vol 10, No 2S (2018): Special Issue Design a simple solar tracker for hybrid power supply Abstract   PDF
Z.I. Rizman, M.T. Ishak, F.R. Hashim, I.M. Yassin, A Zabidi, F.K. Zaman, K.H. Yeap, M.N. Kamarudin
Vol 9, No 3S (2017): Special Issue Design an automatic temperature control system based on pic controller for smart ventilation fan Abstract   PDF
N.N.S.N. Dzulkefli, R. Abdullah, A.N. Jaafar, R. Shafie, I.M. Yassin, Z.I. Rizman, H.Z. Abidin
Vol 10, No 1S (2018): Special Issue Design an electronic mouse trap for agriculture area Abstract   PDF
Z.I. Rizman, F.R. Hashim, I.M. Yassin, A Zabidi, F.K. Zaman, K.H. Yeap
Vol 9, No 5S (2017): Special Issue Design and development of plasma antenna for wi-fi application Abstract   PDF
H Ja’afar, R Abdullah, S Omar, R Shafie, N Ismail, I Rustam
Vol 8, No 3 (2016) Design and experimental study of a solar system for heating water utilizing a linear Fresnel reflector Abstract   PDF
M Ghodbane, B Boumeddane, N Said
Vol 8, No 3 (2016): Special Issue Design health village with the approach of sustainable architecture and utilization of intelligent principles Abstract   PDF
S Hoseini, S Teimory
Vol 9, No 5S (2017): Special Issue Design of an automatic solar lighting system Abstract   PDF
S.S. Rais, N.I.M. Enzai, N Ahmad, N Ahmed, R Darus, Z Jusoh, N.N.S.N. Dzulkefli, S.A.C. Kar, S Mohamed, N.N. Mahzan, K.S.S.K.M. Noh, H Husni
Vol 9, No 1S (2017): Special Issue Design of concert hall in uremia based on notification to hidden role of music in architect Abstract   PDF
M Jalilizadeh, S Shaghaghi
Vol 9, No 5S (2017): Special Issue Design of graphic and animation in game interface based on cultural value: verification Abstract   PDF
R.Z. Ramli, N.A.M. Zin, N Sahari Ashaari, M.N. Ismail, S Osman
Vol 9, No 7S (2017): Special Issue Design of LED lamps Abstract   PDF
A. A. Ashryatov
Vol 8, No 3 (2016): Special Issue Designing a curriculum about electron microscope based on disciplinary method for graduate students Abstract   PDF
A Karami, D Badiee
Vol 8, No 3 (2016): Special Issue Designing cellular manufacturing system under risk conditions Abstract   PDF
O Arghish
Vol 8, No 3 (2016): Special Issue Designing remote web-based mechanical-volumetric flow meter reading systems based on renewable energies Abstract   PDF
R Barmeh Ziar
Vol 8, No 2 (2016): Special Issue Designing sour taste signal micro-controller simulator Abstract   PDF
B. Haghighi, H. Haji-Ghasemi, N. Haghighi
Vol 9, No 2S (2017): Special Issue Designing the customer (insurers) satisfaction model of the Iranian insurance industry emphasizing Iranian-Islamic characteristics Abstract   PDF
M.H. Hosseini, L.F. Dehkordi, M.M. Parhizgar, H Moezzi
Vol 10, No 3S (2018): Special Issue Desk games digitalization using radon transformation and color segmentation Abstract   PDF
M Horacek, L Beran, L Rejfek
Vol 8, No 1 (2016) Desorption of Te capping layer from ZnTe (100): Auger spectroscopy, low-energy electron diffraction and scanning tunneling microscopy Abstract   PDF
KK Sossoe, MM Dzagli, A Sylla, B Grandidier, MA Mohou, TJ Zoueu, S Toure
Vol 9, No 2S (2017): Special Issue Detection of Listeria Spp. and Listeria monocytogenes in vegetables by Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplifcation (LAMP) and multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Abstract   PDF
J.Y.H. Tang, N.A.S. Razali, L.A. Jalil, S.H. Mat-Sa’ad, Y Nakaguchi, M Nishibuchi, S Radu
Vol 9, No 3S (2017): Special Issue Detection of asphyxia in infants using deep learning Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) trained on Mel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficient (MFCC) features extracted from cry sounds Abstract   PDF
A. Zabidi, I.M. Yassin, H.A. Hassan, N. Ismail, M.M.A.M. Hamzah, Z.I. Rizman, H.Z. Abidin
Vol 8, No 3 (2016) Detection of static eccentricity fault in PSH induction motor by using external magnetic flux density Abstract   PDF
N Halem, S.E. Zouzou, H Ghodbane
Vol 5, No 1 (2013) Detection of Static Eccentricity Fault in Saturated Induction Motors by Air-Gap Magnetic Flux Signature Analysis Using Finite Element Method Abstract   PDF
N Halem, SE Zouzou, K Srairi, S Guedidi, FA Abood
Vol 9, No 2S (2017): Special Issue Determination association of anthropometric and performance ability in Sepak Takraw youth athlete using unsupervised multivariate Abstract   PDF
N.A. Kosni, M.R. Abdullah, H Juahir, R.M. Musa, A.B.H.M. Maliki, S.M. Mat-Rasid, A Adnan, N Alias, V Eswaramoorthi
Vol 8, No 1 (2016) Determination of binding parameters of 2-(Ferrocenylmethylamino) Benzonitrile and 3-(Ferrocenylmethylamino)Benzonitrile WITH 1,1-Diphenyl-2-Picrylhydrazyl free radical Abstract   PDF
T Lanez, M Henni
Vol 10, No 1S (2018): Special Issue Determination of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in air samples in Irbid, north Jordan Abstract   PDF
A Al-Gawadreh Sat, M.B. Gasim, A.R. Hassan, A Azid
Vol 8, No 2 (2016) Determination of characteristics maximal runoff mountain rivers in Crimea Abstract   PDF
V Ovcharuk, O Todorova
Vol 10, No 2S (2018): Special Issue Determination of fade margin for Ka band operating in equatorial region Abstract   PDF
N.H.S. Suhaimi, K Badron, A.F. Ismail, Y.A. Ahmad, M.R.M. Yassin, M.H. Rahmat
Vol 9, No 6S (2017): Special Issue Determination of serum interleukin 33 (IL-33) levels in atopic asthma patients using ELISA kits Abstract   PDF
N.S.M.A. Siti, S.M.A. Noor, A.R. Azriani
Vol 10, No 1S (2018): Special Issue Determination of significant variables to particulate matter (PM10) variations in northern region, Malaysia during haze episodes (2006-2015) Abstract   PDF
K.M.K. Ku Yusof, A Azid, M.A. Jamalani
Vol 8, No 3 (2016): Special Issue Determining a piston's top dead center (TDC) in an automobile using installed piezoelectric on a vibrating beam Abstract   PDF
M Mahmoudi, F Vatankhahan, M.H. Totian, A Fouladgar, A Ghassemi
Vol 8, No 2 (2016): Special Issue: Part 2 Determining the parameters of chirp signals using cyclostationary method in presence of the interference Abstract   PDF
K. Heydari, P. Azmi, B. Abbasi, A. Heydari
Vol 4, No 1 (2012) Developement of a Light Attenuator Based on Glassy Reflections Abstract   PDF
K Ferria, N Belkhir
Vol 9, No 1S (2017): Special Issue Developing a model for validation and prediction of bank customer credit using information technology (case study of Dey Bank) Abstract   PDF
M.H. Yazdani
Vol 10, No 1S (2018): Special Issue Developing and psychometric of an instrument for reproductive health need assessment related to HIV/Aids in Iranian adult men Abstract   PDF
L Karimi, K.M. Najmabadi, A Ebadi
Vol 9, No 3S (2017): Special Issue Developing customizable defence mobile application system usability evaluation scale (Defence-Moasues using Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA Abstract   PDF
A.F.A. Fadzlah
Vol 9, No 2S (2017): Special Issue Developing health status index using factor analysis Abstract   PDF
M Mohamad, H Juahir, N.A.M. Ali, M.K.A. Kamarudin, F Karim, N Badarilah
Vol 10, No 3S (2018): Special Issue Development and validation of an instrument to measure understanding in daily lesson plan Abstract   PDF
N.H.C.M. Ghazali, N.M. Rabi, N.A. Wahab, N.A.A. Rohaizad, N.A. Rahman
Vol 9, No 1S (2017): Special Issue Development of a hybrid system of artificial neural networks and artificial bee colony algorithm for prediction and modeling of customer choice in the market Abstract   PDF
J Shahrabi, S Mottaghi Khameneh
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