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Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted: The user experiences of pre-school children on the use of multi touch hand gestures towards fine motor skills: the experts’ and teachers’ reviews Abstract
F. M. Razali, N. A. A. Aziz, S. A. Salim, R. M. Rasli, N. F. Zulkefly
Vol 10, No 4S (2018): Special Issue Retracted: The vital role of free access in supporting digital repositories Abstract
Ebtesam Hussain Al Zahrani
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted: The wound healing activity of Mikania micrantha ehanolic leaf extract Abstract
M. N. Sarimah, H. H. Mizaton
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted: Three-phase ac to DC CIHRC with wireless power transfer Function Abstract
R. Baharom, M. N. Seroji, K. S. Muhammad, N. F. N. Ismail
Vol 10, No 4S (2018): Special Issue Retracted: Toward a new critical role of information systems in the modern decision making process Abstract
Lile Ramona Management, Andrei-Mihai Luchian, Elena-Corina Boscoianu, Mircea Boscoianu, Victor Vladareanu
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted: Towards improving the healthcare service in rural areas of Yemen: a case of health recipients’ acceptance of telehealth Abstract
A. A. Al-Fadhli, M. Othman, L. F. Chen
Vol 10, No 4S (2018): Special Issue Retracted: Towards innovative industrialization for optimal renewable resource management Abstract
Mustapha Jammoukh, Khalifa Mansouri, Bachir Salhi
Vol 10, No 4S (2018): Special Issue Retracted: UC@MOOC: A pedagogical innovation to face the challenges of massification in higher education Abstract
Abdellah J. Idrissi, Khalid Berrada, Rachid Bendaoud, Said Machwate, Abdellatif Miraoui
Vol 10, No 5S (2018) Retracted: Understanding the relationship of tourism demands connecting with economy and tourism stock index in an extreme case of Thailand bivariate extreme value copula approach Abstract
S. Wannapan, C. Chaiboonsri, S. Sriboonchitta
Vol 10, No 4S (2018): Special Issue Retracted: Users' orientations in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards the reading of e-books through smart phones and tablets: a survey study Abstract
Marwah S. Bajandoh, Huda M. Alamoudi
Vol 10, No 4S (2018): Special Issue Retracted: Using expectancy theory to explain performance appraisal elements and employees' motivation Abstract
Omar A.O. Baakeel
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted: Using grounded theory to designing the conceptual model of resiliency supply chain in national Iranian oil company Abstract
A. Jafarnejad, E. Asgharizadeh, M. R. A. Jokar, M. B. Azar
Vol 10, No 4S (2018): Special Issue Retracted: Utilization of social networks in education and their impact on knowledge acquisition among female university students Abstract
Ruqaiah Shakwan
Vol 10, No 4S (2018): Special Issue Retracted: Validating a proposed conceptual model iCAL4LA through expert review Abstract
S.Z. Ahmad, A Abdul Mutalib
Vol 10, No 5S (2018) Retracted: Variable gain switchable controller based on genetic algorithm Abstract
Osama Ali Awad
Vol 10, No 4S (2018): Special Issue Retracted: Vehicular ad hoc networks: from simulations to real-life scenarios Abstract
Rejab Hajlaoui, Tarek Moulahi, Hervé Guyennet
Vol 10, No 5S (2018) Retracted: Virtual reality application in oil and gas industry Abstract
M. Shammar, F. Abdul Aziz
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted: Visualization of exudates fundus images with graphical user interface for early detection of diabetic retinopathy Abstract
H. A. Hassan, N. M. Tahir, A. Zabidi, I.M. Yassin
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted: VNML: Virtualized Network Management Laboratory for Educational Purposes Abstract
Oula L. Abdulsattar, Emad H. Al-Hemiary
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted: VoIP Speech Encryption System Using Stream Cipher with Chaotic Key Generator Abstract
Mahmood Khalel Ibrahem, Hussein Ali Kassim
Vol 10, No 4S (2018): Special Issue Retracted: Web services for telegeriatric and independent living of the elderly in their homes Abstract
Mohammad Jafar Arif, Dimitris Koutsouris, Sotiris Pavlopoulos, Ibrahiem M.M. El Emary
Vol 10, No 4S (2018): Special Issue Retracted: Web-based analysis for decision support systems Abstract
Manal Abdulllah, Manahil Alqulaity, Wejdan Bajaber
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted: Weighting methods in the construction of area deprivation indices Abstract
S. F. Fam, N. Ismail, A.L. Maukar, H. Yanto, D.D. Prastyo, A.A. Jemain, Z.L. Chuan
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted: Wide dynamic range tranimpedance amplifier using peaking capacitance technique for high speed optical wireless communication system Abstract
A. F. Chandio, B. Das, M. K. Rathi, N. B. Marzuki, M. F. L Abdullah, M. S. A. Khan, B. Pandey
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted: Word of mouth engagement in online brand community: a Systematic literature review analysis Abstract
A. Ngelambong, M. W. Omar, S. Kibat, N. M. Nor, Z. M. Rani
Vol 10, No 4S (2018): Special Issue Retracted: Youth and modern media: WhatsApp discourse and participation in socialisation process Abstract
A.R.Z. Shuhaida, S Norshuhada
Vol 10, No 4S (2018): Special Issue Retracted: YouTube as engagement and learning tool in higher education society Abstract
Ftoon Ahmad Othman
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted:Features of value orientations of patients with schizophrenia Abstract
E. M. Leontieva
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted:Investigating torture against women in different countries With international responsibility approach Abstract
F. Eftekhari
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted:Knowledge-based expert system for predictive classification of main specific learning disabilities Abstract
R. M. Rasli, N. A. A. Aziz, S. A. Salim, F. M. Razali, N. M. Norwawi, N. Basir
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted:Modeling and design analysis of a three phase linear generator for sea waves energy conversion Abstract
R. Sinnadurai, C. M. Ting, Q. B. Hadi
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted :Social entrepreneurship intention: from literature review to Conceptual framework Abstract
S. D. M. Wahid, A. H. Ayob, W. M. H. Wan Hussain, S. Ismail
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted The information potential of the state and society Abstract
R. B. Bryukhov, A. V. Gubareva, K.E. Kovalenko, S. A. Stepanov
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted: Linking relationship benefit and word of mouth engagement in hospitality online brand community: the mediating role of relationship quality Abstract
A. Ngelambong, H.F. Ariffin, A. H. Zulkifli, S. Kibat, J. A. Ahmad, I. M. Akhir
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) Retracted: The influence of social media consumption on gen Z consumers’ attitude Abstract
F. M. Yussof, A. Harun, N. S. Norizan, N. Durani, I. Jamil, S. M. Salleh
Vol 10, No 6S (2018) RetractedEnhance the Performance of a Data Warehouse by Indexed View Abstract
Talib M. J. Al Taleb, Sami Hasan, Yaqoob Yousif Mahdi
Vol 10, No 1 (2018) Atriplex halimus (Amarantacees) callogenesis induction from different explant type Abstract   PDF
Y. Halfaoui, A. Kadiri, Z. Ighilhariz
Vol 10, No 1S (2018): Special Issue Bambusa vulgaris: determination of mechanical strength as bio-composite material Abstract   PDF
M.Y. Mat Zain, M.T. Ali, A.N.H. Hussin
Vol 9, No 2 (2017) Capnodis tenebrionis (Linnaeus, 1758) larval and nymphal lodges dispositions according to physico-chimical composition of Prunus domestica and Prunus cerasus Abstract   PDF
L Brahimi, Z.E. Djazouli
Vol 9, No 3 (2017) Dactylifera L) on the biochemical indicators of lead poisoning in male Wistar rats Abstract   PDF
N Sadi, O Ouldali, A Bekara, A Aoues
Vol 10, No 1S (2018): Special Issue In vitro antiviral activity of Orthosiphon stamineus extract against dengue virus type 2 Abstract   PDF
N.Z.A. Wahab, N Ibrahim, M.K.A. Kamarudin, F Lananan, H Juahir, A Ghazali
Vol 9, No 5S (2017): Special Issue Zea mays stem agricultural waste for in-vitro shoot propagation of Clinacantus nutans Abstract   PDF
C.C. Tay, N Jamaluddin, N.M. Nasir, W.N.H.W. Anuar, S.N. Hashim
Vol 9, No 5S (2017): Special Issue A brief method to assess the association of socio and technical dependencies on software quality Abstract   PDF
A.J. Suali, S.S.M. Fauzi, M.H.N.M. Nasir, W.A.W.M. Sobri
Vol 9, No 6S (2017): Special Issue A classification framework for drug relapse prediction Abstract   PDF
A. K. M. Salleh, M. Makhtar, J. A. Jusoh, P. L. Lua, A. M. Mohamad
Vol 9, No 6S (2017): Special Issue A comparative analysis of badminton game instructions effect of non-linear pedagogy and linear pedagogy Abstract   PDF
S. Nathan, N. Salimin, M.I. Shahril
Vol 10, No 1S (2018): Special Issue A comparative analysis of juggling skill between Sepak raga and Bulu ayam Abstract   PDF
N.A. Kosni, M.R. Abdullah, M.N. Nazarudin, R.M. Musa, A.B.H.M. Maliki, A Adnan, S.M. Mat-Rasid, H Juahir
Vol 9, No 2S (2017): Special Issue A comparative study on different BMI category and physical fitness health related component of sedentary male youth in Terengganu Abstract   PDF
V Eswaramoorthi, M.R. Abdullah, H Juahir, A.B.H.M. Maliki, R.M. Musa, N.A. Kosni, N Alias, N.B. Raj, S.M.M. Rasid, A Adnan
Vol 10, No 2S (2018): Special Issue A comparative study on the application of binary particle swarm optimization and binary gravitational search algorithm in feature selection for automatic classification of brain tumor MRI Abstract   PDF
M.A. Majid, A.F.Z. Abidin, N.D.K. Anuar, K.A. Kadiran, M.S. Karis, Z.M. Yusoff, N.H.K. Anuar, Z.I. Rizman
Vol 8, No 2 (2016): Special Issue: Part 3 A contextual information based scholary paper recommender system using big data platform Abstract   PDF
N Jokar, A.R. Honarvar, Kh. Esfandiari
Vol 8, No 3 (2016) A convenient synthesis of pyrandione derivatives using P-toluenesulfonic acid as catalyst under ultrasound irradiation Abstract   PDF
N Benosmane, B Boutemeur, S.M. Hamdi, M Hamdi
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