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Coping strategies of households in the Timane community of Idutywa, Eastern Cape, South Africa

NE Dlamini, FT Tabit


The study reported on in this article examined the coping strategies of households in the rural community of Timane. A cross-sectional survey design was used, in which a Coping Strategy Index questionnaire, designed by Maxwell and Caldwell (2008:2) was used to gather the data. Respondents were randomly selected from pre-selected households from designated areas in the community.

The majority of households (72%) received state grants. Of the total households, 28% received old-age pensions and 38% child support grants. The Spearman’s correlation coefficient between the number of children in respondents’ households and the CSI was 0,78 (p < 0,001).

Some households in the rural community of Timane were found to be food insecure, with the severity of food insecurity experienced increasing proportionately to the number of children in the household.

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