Prosedures by die integrering van rekenaaren kontekstuele vaardighede in die onderrig van huishoudkunde *

  • S Blignaut
  • J Knoetze


The aim of this investigation was to design an instructional format that would enable students who entered for a course in Foods at the higher educational level to master the computer and research skills that underpin appropriate career-related and marketable abilities. The initial instructional model was refined by means of action research procedures during a preliminary study into a prospective instructional format. It was suggested that computer and contextual skills should be developed in an integrated manner to empower individuals with career-related, marketable abilities. The prospective instructional format was implemented, aiming at the immediate development and improvement of instructional practice. An appropriate student research project was identified and the instructional outcomes concerning the execution of the research project was evaluated by means of orientation, exploration, planning, implementation and analysis and evaluation. Data pertaining to the students’ evaluations of presentations of the subject course as well as their learning experiences were analysed. All aspects of the instructional procedures were explicated and inventoried. This inventory was used to compile a classification for the construction of the instructional model.

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eISSN: 0378-5254