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Awareness and knowledge of pro-, prebiotics and ab cultures among yoghurt buyers in four Pretoria suburbs and the factors determining their yoghurt buying decision

I Venter, M Hanekom


Bioactive food ingredients are more likely to be accepted by consumers and the products containing them successful in the market, if consumers are aware of and informed about bioactive food ingredients. The aims of this survey were to determine the consumer awareness and knowledge of pro-, prebiotics and AB cultures and the factors determining the yoghurt buying decision. Three hundred systematically obtained yoghurt buyers in four Pretoria suburbs participated voluntarily by completing a pre-tested questionnaire. These stores trade in the higher living standards measure market. Their customers were sought after as income may influence functional food purchasing. The results indicated limited respondent awareness and knowledge of these topics, i.e. probiotics: 14% aware, 10,6% described it (6% correctly); prebiotics: 3,3% aware, 2% described it (0,7% correctly); AB cultures: 26,7% aware, 16,3% described it (8% correctly). Respondent gender, age, yoghurt consumption and dietary supplement use did not impact awareness or knowledge of the topics (P>0,05). Although the presence of health-promoting bacteria did not determine the yoghurt buying decision, the respondents (80%) indicated interest in knowing more about pro- and prebiotics.

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