Physico-Chemical, Microbiological Profiles of Blends of Tea and Mistletoe - a Highly Medicinal Mix

  • T.O. Akinwale Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria
  • S.O. Aroyeun Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria
  • C.R Obatolu Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria


Sample of tea obtained from Mambilla, Nigeria highland was blended with mistletoe - a known medicinal parasitic plant of cocoa. The ratios of the blends were Tea(T)/Mistletoe (M) 90:10 10:90, 75:25, 25:75, and 50:50 while ordinary tea and mistletoes served as control samples. Chemical analyses of blends were done followed by organoleptic assessment and microbial analysis. The chemical analyses indicated a higher value of 16.52% ash for mistletoes than tea which was 4.93% and this value increased with increased level of mistletoe in the blends. Blends were found to vary in alkalinity of ash (AA), water soluble ash (WSA) acid insoluble ash (AlA), moisture content and total ash. The low fungal count recorded in the fresh state of mistletoe and tea was as a result of adequate drying of the leaves. Sensory analysis carried out indicated that at 5% significant level, there were differences in the attributes of colour, taste, flavour and overall acceptability. In all the blends, the control sample (Tea) was highly rated followed by the sample containing 90% of tea blended with 10% of mistletoe.

The Journal of Food Technology in Africa Volume 5 Number 4 (October - December 2000), pp. 123-125

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eISSN: 1028-6098