Journal of Food Technology in Africa

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Preliminary studies on the use of kolanuts (cola nitida) for soft drink production

C. O. Jayeola


The fresh nuts (seeds) of kola (Cola nitida) were used in the preparation of kola soft drink.

Proximate analysis of the nut was carried out to determine its moisture, ash, protein, carbohydrate, fat and caffeine contents. The pH, total solids, specific gravity, caffeine and sensory attributes of the developed kola soft drink were compared with some commercial popular types.

The results indicated that the fresh nut contained 8.90% protein, 0.92% fat, 2.40% Ash ad 1.50% caffeine. Also, the developed kola drink whose pH, specific gravity, total solids and caffeine were 5.40, 1.040, 10% and 0.01 respectively was acceptable to local tasters, making economic utilization of kolanut possible through the production of value-added products and increasing the income of both primary producers and industrial users of the nuts.

The Journal of Food Technology in Africa Volume 6 Number 1 (January-March 2001), pp. 25-26
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