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Ultraviolet Spectrophotometric Determination of Simvastain in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

NN Nwobodo, PO Okonkwo, NC Obitte, HN Onuigbo


This study is aimed at describing an accurate, robust and reproducible ultraviolet spectrophotometric technique for the determination of simvastain in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage formulations. Samples from three different brands of simvastatin 10mg were selected for the study. Different aliquots were taken from the stock solution to obtain series of concentration. The samples were assayed for simvastatin content and absorbance readings noted. Recovery studies were carried out to validate and ascertain the accuracy of the proposed techniques. Results revealed that the label claim was in agreement with actual amount of drug found in the three different brands examined. The ultraviolet spectrophotometric technique described in this study is quite reliable, precise and validated. Thus cane be readily employed for the determination of simvastatin in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations.

Keywords: Label claim, dosage formulation, simvastatin ultraviolet spectrophotometer.

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