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Vol 35 (2016) “Muslims of the spirits”-“Muslims of the mosque”: Performing contested ideas of being Muslim in northern Mozambique Abstract
Daria Trentini
Vol 35 (2016) “We must all go to the Hangar”: Performing Bellah group membership in the refugee camp in Abala, Niger Abstract
Souleymane Diallo
Vol 36 (2017) The Outburst of Rage and The Divine Dagger: invective poetry and inter-Ṭarīqa conflict in northern Nigeria, 1949 Abstract
Andrea Brigaglia
Vol 36 (2017) A history of Shia and its development in Nigeria: the case-study of Kano Abstract
Kabiru Haruna Isa, Sani Yakubu Adam
Vol 27 (2007) A Prospect of Secularization? Muslims and Political Power in Mozambique Today Abstract
E Morier-Genoud
Vol 36 (2017) Abū Muṣ'ab al-Barnāwī’s interview with the Islamic state’s Al-Naba' magazine Abstract
Alex Thurston
Vol 29 (2009) Ahmed Deedat and Muslim-Christian Relations at the Cape, c. 1960-1980 Abstract
G Vahed
Vol 37 (2018) Ara dreams: one Malian woman’s reflection on fertility, Islam, and dream interpretation Abstract
Dianna Bell
Vol 34 (2014) ‘Complex Subjectivities’: Don Omaruddin Mattera’s conversion to Islam, beyond a political reading and a biographical essay Abstract
Tahir Fuzile Sitoto
Vol 27 (2007) ‘In my father's house' – Gender, Islam and the construction of a gendered public sphere in Darfur, Sudan Abstract
K Willemse
Vol 30 (2010) “God Loves Me”: The Theological Content and Context of Early Pious and Sufi Women’s Sayings on Love1 Abstract
L Silvers
Vol 35 (2016) “Heard about the Good-Deed-Sayers?” Islam and everyday conversations on religious difference in Harar, Ethiopia Abstract
Patrick Desplat
Vol 34 (2014) “I must strive to rectify myself and the people of the whole world”: Portraits of Sunni traditionalist activists in South Africa Abstract
Auwais Rafudeen
Vol 33 (2013): Theorising Experience, Subjectivity and Narrative in Studies of Gender and Islam “Speaking for Ourselves”: American Muslim Women’s Confessional Writings and the Problem of Alterity Abstract
A A Hidayatullah, T R Zaman
Vol 34 (2014) Biographies of Muslim activists in South Africa Abstract
Abdulkader Tayob
Vol 37 (2018) Book Review: Islamic Law and Muslim Same-Sex Unions Abstract
Nadeem Mahomed
Vol 34 (2014) Book Review: Muslim Portraits: The Anti-Apartheid Struggle Abstract
Ken Chitwood
Vol 36 (2017) Book Review: Salafism in Nigeria: Islam, Preaching and Politics Abstract
Ousman Murzik Kobo
Vol 36 (2017) Book Review: Shari’ah on Trial: Northern Nigeria’s Islamic Revolution Abstract
Andrea Brigaglia
Vol 34 (2014) Book Review: Spiritual Economies: Islam, Globalization and the Afterlife of Development Abstract
Ra Tiedemann-Nkabinde
Vol 35 (2016) Book Review: The writings of Mauritania and the western Sahara Abstract
Shamil Jeppie
Vol 21 (2001) Book Review: Controlling Knowledge: Religion, Power and Schooling in a West African Muslim Society: L. Brenner Abstract
SM Literas
Vol 26 (2006) Book Review: Introduction to Eastern Thought Abstract
J Tobler
Vol 21 (2001) Book Review: Islam and secularism in the Middle East: JL. Eposito & A. Tamimi Abstract
A Farouk-Alli
Vol 26 (2006) Book Review: No God but God: Egypt and the Triumph Abstract
N Hoel
Vol 26 (2006) Book Review: Religion and Immigration: Christian, Abstract
T Alberts
Vol 29 (2009) Book Review: The dynamics of Christian- Muslim relations in South Africa (ca 1960-2000): From exclusivism to pluralism. Abstract
GJA Lubbe
Vol 21 (2001) Book Review: The Islamic quest for democracy, pluralism and human rights: From classical and medieval root to modern discourses: A. Moussalli Abstract
BB Lawrence
Vol 21 (2001) Book Review: The Islamic world and the West: An introduction to political cultures and international relations: K. Hafez Abstract
Y Dadoo
Vol 21 (2001) Book Review: The Rhetoric of sobriety: Wine in Early Islam: K. Kueny Abstract
R Kozain
Vol 21 (2001) Book Review: The Ulama of Farangi Mahall and Islamic Culture in South Asia: F. Robinson Abstract
T Dahnhart
Vol 33 (2013): Theorising Experience, Subjectivity and Narrative in Studies of Gender and Islam Book Reviews Abstract
N Mahomed, N Hoel
Vol 25 (2005) Cape Town's Tana Baru Burial Ground: Wasteland or Private Property? Abstract
N Murray
Vol 36 (2017) Causes of the Jihad of Usman Ɗan Fodio: a historiographical review Abstract
John Edward Philips
Vol 37 (2018) Contemporary ‘Non-culamāɔ’ Hausa women and Islamic discourses on television screens Abstract
Musa Ibrahim
Vol 25 (2005) Contested Sites: Negotiating New Heritage Practice Abstract
A Malan
Vol 33 (2013): Theorising Experience, Subjectivity and Narrative in Studies of Gender and Islam Decolonising Muslim Subjectivities: A Psycho-Cultural Perspective Abstract
D S Ahmed
Vol 26 (2006) Die Before Dying: Activism and Passivity in Sufi Ethics Abstract
S Kugle
Vol 25 (2005) Documented history and the question of Muslim graves at The Woods: findings and reflections Abstract
A Rafoudien
Vol 25 (2005) Down in the Woods: reflections on a process Abstract
M Patrick
Vol 36 (2017) Editorial Abstract
Andrea Brigaglia
Vol 22 (2002) Engagements with the Colonial State in Africa The Contributions of ISITA Abstract
MS Umar
Vol 37 (2018) Everyday lived Islam: Malaysian Muslim women’s performance of religiosity online Abstract
Siti Mazidah Haji Mohamad
Vol 27 (2007) Evoking moral community, fragmenting Muslim discourse: Sermon audio-recordings and the reconfiguration of public debate in Mali Abstract
D E Schulz
Vol 21 (2001) Fatwa and Counter-Fatwa in Colonial Nothern Nigeria: The Islamic Legality of Broadcasting Qur\'an Recitation on Radio Abstract
MS Umar
Vol 33 (2013): Theorising Experience, Subjectivity and Narrative in Studies of Gender and Islam Feminism, Epistemology and Experience: Critically (En)gendering the Study of Islam Abstract
S Shaikh
Vol 32 (2012) For the Saudi’s Kingdom or for the Umma? Global ʿulamāʾ in the Dār al-Ḥadīth in Medina Abstract
C Ahmed
Vol 35 (2016) Fragile bodies and Sensuous Spirits: performing womenly virtues in a contemporary Egyptian brotherhood Abstract
Paola Abenante
Vol 20 (2000) From Slaves to Elites: the Ethiopian Muslim Diaspora in Arabia and Muslim India Abstract
H Ahmed
Vol 35 (2016) God’s Name is not a Game: Performative Apologetics in Sufi Dhikr Performance in Senegal Abstract
Joseph Hill
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