Ecclesial-Indigenous Paradigms of Nurturing and Growth in African Context

Engaging Aembu and the Anglican Church’s Rites of Passage for Child Socialization

Keywords: Adolescents, African Rites, Christian Rites, Culture, Moral Values, Socialization


The aim of this research article is to draw a comparative analysis of Aembu and the Anglican Church’s rites of passage for child socialization. This is geared towards bringing forth responsible people in the society. Its main objective is to interrogate the relationship between African and Anglican Church’s rites of passage for child socialization. The overall goal is to come up with Afro-Christian mores for instilling moral virtues in children, and eventually prepare them for their future roles as adults. In the indigenous society, transitional rites of passage served as important tools for child socialization. This was meant to instill moral values among the Aembu youths. In our contemporary society, some adolescents face moral issues which often call for intensive child socialization from home and Church circles, hence the justification for this research article.


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eISSN: 2618-1517