Patient satisfaction with trichiasis surgeryin Jigawa State, Nigeria

  • Ramyil Alice
  • Bascaran Covadonga
  • Bunce Catey
  • Oyediji Funmilayo
  • Mpyet Caleb
Keywords: patient, satisfaction, trichiasis surgery, Jigawa State, Nigeria


Purpose: Following the implementation of the SAFE (Surgery, Antibiotics, Facial Cleanliness, Environmental improvements) strategy for the control of trachoma in Jigawa state, ophthalmic nurses trained as lid surgeons perform trichiasis surgery in the state. This study aims to assess patient satisfaction with surgical results and trichiasis surgery services in the state.

Methods: A retrospective cohort study of patients operated on for the first time between December 2012 and April 2013. Patients were examined for presence of recurrent trichiasis, eyelid contour abnormality and eyelid closure defects. Aspecially designed and pretested questionnaire was administered to each participant with questions about satisfaction with services, results, their opinion and recommendation.

Results: Seventy-seven patients were examined. Fifty-six (73%) participants were female. The mean age of the participants was 54.9 years (±17.8 years) with a range of 8 to 90 years; females tended to be older but not statistically significantly so. We found that 97% were satisfied with the timing of operation and 97% were satisfied with staff conduct; subjective vision was better in 66%, post operative appearance was good in 82%; while expectation was met in 95%. Overall, 96% were of the opinion that surgery was helpful, while 97% of patients were willing to recommend the surgery to their family and friends.

Conclusion: Patient satisfaction with results of trichiasis surgery and services in Jigawa state is high.

Keywords: patient, satisfaction, trichiasis surgery, Jigawa State, Nigeria


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eISSN: 2006-0734
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