A spot check on the prevalence of viral hepatitis B on the plateau

  • M.J. Duguru
  • P.M. Davwar
  • C.M. Okorie
  • N.P. David
  • P Omaiye
  • C.C. Umejiaku
  • Y.B. Fyaktu
  • E.E. Adoga
  • E.N. Okeke
Keywords: Prevalence, Hepatitis B, Spot check, virus


Hepatitis B is a disease which is present globally and over 2 billion people have been infected with hepatitis b according to the World Health Organization. In Nigeria hepatitis B, chronic infection: which is defined as persistence of infection in a human being greater than six months is present in an endemic proportion. In fact Nigeria is described as an area of hyper-endemicity, having a National Prevalence that is greater than 8% of the population.

Methodology: The study was carried as part of awareness campaign in a university community. Samples were taken from the participants via finger prick. Two drops of blood were placed on the strip and a buffer was added and read after five minutes.

Results: There were a total of 684 participants. Out of which 404 (59.06%) were males and 280(40.94%) were females. The mean age for the study participants was 26.169±.9. Those who were positive for hepatitis b surface antigen were 75(10.96%) while those who are negative were 609(89.04%).Those with history of previous immunization for hepatitis B were 152(22.22%).

Conclusion: There is still a very high prevalence of hepatitis with very low uptake of vaccination, these calls for an urgent public health intervention.

Keywords: Prevalence, Hepatitis B, Spot check, virus


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2006-0734
print ISSN: 2006-0734