Language practices in school-based Grade R classrooms

  • E Lenyai
  • M de Witt
Keywords: language practices, school-based Grade R classrooms, language of learning policy, implementation strategy


The investigation on language practices aimed at establishing how the language of learning policy formulated by the Department of Education in South Africa was interpreted at classroom level. The study focused on language activities in schoolbased Grade R classes to observe how learners’ home language was used as the language of learning. Evidence from literature indicates that the success of any policy depends to a significant extent on the implementation strategy adopted to promote such a policy, especially at district and school levels. The outcome of this investigation
established that key factors were not sufficiently considered in the implementation strategy at district and school levels. Learners’ diverse linguistic backgrounds, teachers’ expertise and the lack of suitable learning materials all compromised the success of the language of learning policy.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0259-9570