Error treatment in students' written assignments in Discourse Analysis

  • Philip H. Mhundwa Communication and Study Skills Unit, University of Botswana


In an attempt to highlight the need for lecturers to adopt clear strategies for treating language usage errors in written assignments, the writer of this article analysed selected students' essays to determine some of the error handling strategies that can be used at tertiary level. The suggestions made at the end of the study were based on the analysis of data collected from student's written work in Discourse Analysis. Although there is generally no consensus on how lecturers should treat students' errors in written assignments, observations in this study enabled the researcher to provide certain strategies that lecturers can adopt.

Key words: Error treatment; error handling; corrective feedback, positive cognitive feedback; negative cognitive feedback; global errors; local errors; Terminable Units (T-Units)

[Jnl for Language Teaching 37(2) 2003: 224-236]

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eISSN: 0259-9570