The orchestration of life, Part 1: the music of the genes

  • S H Kidson


A new synthesis between genetics, embryology and music is explored in this article. Words, lyrics, molecular biology, embryology, art and composition have been intermingled with the intention of creating atmosphere, while at the same time being informative and maintaining the accuracy of scientific knowledge and musical composition. The genetic basis of early embryonic development is described, with analogy and metaphor as the main tools. A musical phrase has been created using rules of the DNA code. The tools and rules to write this music have been described and a practical example of how this could be used as part of a musical classroom experience has been elaborated. The examples underpin the philosophical theory of music education as practicum. It is hoped that this new synthesis of the lyrical and visual, artistic and scientific will help to transcend current barriers of discourse and disposition and open up new avenues for teaching and exploration in the musical arts.

Journal of Musical Arts in Africa Vol. 1 2004: pp. 42-54

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-626X
print ISSN: 1812-1004