Tetracycline tooth discolouration in Benin City

  • MA Sede
Keywords: Tooth discoloration, tetracycline, incidence, Benin City


This retrospective study was conducted to examine the incidence and pattern of tetracycline-related tooth discolouration in patients seen at the restorative dental clinic of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Benin City, from 1998 to 2002. During the period, 81 patients consisting of 31 males and 51 females, aged 11-37 years, presented with various degrees of tetracycline tooth discolouration. These patients accounted for 2.2% of the 3750 patients that were seen during the period under review. In 29.5% of the patients, hypoplasia was associated with tetracycline discolouration. Of these, 71.4% were observed in the category with severe discolouration of teeth. A non-genetic pattern of tetracycline tooth discolouration was observed in 40.7% of the patients, with discolouration in sibling\'s only accounting for 51.5% of those affected. There is a need for continuous education of patients and clinicians on the consequences of using tetracycline and its minocycline derivatives in children and pregnant women.

Keywords: Tooth discoloration, tetracycline, incidence, Benin City

Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Research Vol. 3 (1) 2004: pp. 53-58

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eISSN: 1596-6941