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The Atmospheric Lapse Rates in a Tropical Regime: Nigeria (LAT. 05<sup>0</sup> - 15<sup>0</sup>N)

AO Udogwu
CO Oluwafemi


Environmental and moist adiabatic lapse rates were computed for two Nigerian stations (Oshodi-Lagos; Lat 06o 32’N, Long 03o 23’E and Kano; Lat. 12o 03’, Long. 08o 32’) for the two seasonal regimes – the dry and the wet season. These preliminary results suggest that the lapse rates are higher in Kano than in Lagos (an average of 10% larger in the dry months and 23% in the wet months) for two atmospheric columns (surface to 500mb and 400-250mb), while the reverse was the case for the atmospheric slice 500-400mb where Lagos exceeds by about 8% in the wet months. The US model atmosphere appears applicable only in certain portions of the atmosphere: 700-600mb and 500-400mb in Lagos; 500-400mb in Kano dry weather.

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print ISSN: 2006-7003