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The Carrier Rate of Newcastle Disease Virus in Pigeons in Owerri Area of Imo State, Nigeria.

A U Opara


The role of domestic pigeons (Columba livia domestica) in the transmission of Newcastle disease was investigated in three Owerri Local Government Areas (LGAs) -Owerri Municipality, Owerri North and Owerri West in Imo State, Nigeria, between February and May 2004. Isolation of Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) was attempted from 20 apparently healthy pigeons from each L.G.A. Cloacal swabs from black or white pigeons were inoculated into 9-11 day old embryonated hens' eggs via the allantoic route and incubated for 96 hours at 37oC in a humidified incubator. Three of the 60 pigeons tested positive for NDV. Two positive results were recorded for Owerri Municipal Council Area, one from Owerri North and none for Owerri West LGA. Two positive results were recorded for white pigeons, while only one black pigeon showed evidence of NDV. From this study, the carrier rate of NDV in pigeons in Owerri area of Imo State is estimated at 5%

Keywords: Carrier Rate, Newcastle Disease Virus, Pigeons.

Journal of Medical Laboratory Sciences Vol. 14 (1) 2005: pp. 43-47
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