Infusion and diffusion of African scientific information into Open Access Initiatives (OAI) for sustainable development of Africa

  • Manir Abdullahi Kamba


The paper examines the importance of knowledge as a prerequisite for sustainable development which is contingent on information, its value and ability to be produced, used, reused, and shared. The paper explains the opportunities of Open Access Initiatives (OA) as a tool for infusing and diffusing African scientific information for sustainable development. The paper also discusses the situation of OA in Africa with the view of identifying the challenges affecting the development of Open Access Initiatives, despite huge African contributions in the production of scientific information. The paper reveals that lack of Policy on Open Access Initiatives, alarming serial crisis, soaring cost of publications, dwindling economic crisis, undermines the development of Open Access initiatives in promoting the sustainable development in Africa. The paper finally proposes an integrated model for Infusion and Diffusion of African Scientific Information into Open Access Initiatives.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0029-0122