An assessment of the influence of school libraries on student achievement in Government Day Secondary School Rigachikun

  • Bello Salihu
Keywords: School Library, Students, Achievement, Secondary School and influence


The study carried out to access the influence of school library on student achievement, three research questions were made, the research questions sought to find out the availability of library and information system and services in secondary school, library resources, influence of school library in their performance. a survey research method was adopted for the study, proportional stratified sampling was use to select sample size of 10% (200) from population of 2000, questionnaires were adopted as data collection instrument, data collected from the research question were analyze , the research discover 51 of the respondent representing 29% agree that they have School Library While 123 representing 71% disagree that they have no school library, 54 of the respondent representing 31% agrees that books are available, 12 representing 7% agrees that magazine are available, 4 representing 2% agrees that newspapers are available 8 representing 5% agreed that Audio visual are available, 13 representing 7% agreed that computer are available, 2 representing 1% agreed that all of the above are available while 81 representing 47% agreed none of the information resources are available, school library in school lead to Excellent Academic learning, excellent Health Status, excellent personal development and excellent knowledge development The research concludes that standard school library should be provided in secondary school. Finally, it was recommended that Motivation of student toward the use of library for their academic and personal purposes as to be familiar with the importance of library in their academic and entire life.

Keywords: School Library, Students, Achievement, Secondary School and influence


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