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Challenges influencing the adoption of cloud storage for medical records

Bukhari Badamasi, Abdullahi Hussaini


Poor healthcare often leads to an increase in the level of morbidity and mortality, and could also obstruct any countries’ productivity and growth. To address some of the challenges faced by healthcare institutions, healthcare providers are adopting the use of different information systems and technology. One such system is cloud storage that can be used for keeping and managing medical records. With cloud storage, medical records such as, patients’ information, healthcare practitioners’ information andclinical data are stored and managed in an online environment in which the Internet is the point of access. However, in spite of the numerous benefits associated with the use of cloud storage for medical records,research has shown that this system is not yet popular amongstmedical practitioners. This study was hence conducted to understand the challenges and factors affecting the adoption of cloud storageby medical practitioners. The study was also conducted so as to provide an understanding of additionalopportunities that could be derived from the adoption of cloud storage for medical records.

A quantitative research methodology was employed in this study. Data was gathered with the aid of questionnaire from medical practitioners at a healthcare facility at the Auchan General Hospital. The outcome of the study shows that low computer literacy among medical practitioners is one of the factors affecting their adoption of cloud storage for medical records. The study also reveals that the lack of adequate infrastructure such as computing devices and even lack of Internet connection hinders the adoption of cloud storage for medical records. However, the study also shows that adequate computer training can influence the adoption of cloud storage for medical records by medical practitioners.

Keywords: Cloud Storage, Cloud Computing, Medical Records, Personal Health Records, Health Information Technology

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