Socio-demographic and Driving Characteristics Associated with Visual Standards for Driving among Mass Transit Drivers in Abuja, Nigeria.

  • Princess Ifeoma Ike
  • Vincent Yakubu Adam
Keywords: Socio-demographic, Driving characteristics, Mass transit drivers, Visual standards.


Purpose: This study was conducted to ascertain the sociodemographic and driving characteristics associated with visual standards for driving among mass transit drivers in Abuja, Nigeria.
Methods: This was a descriptive cross-sectional study involving 415 mass transit drivers in Abuja who were selected by multistage sampling method. Consent was obtained from the respondents and a pretested, structured-questionnaire was administered including conducting clinical eye examinations on the study participants. Data analysis was done using IBM SPSS version 20.
Results: All the participants were males with a mean age of 41.2 ±6.9 years and most of them 392 (94.5%) possessed drivers’ license. Only 36.9% of the drivers had an eye examination done before issuance of a driver’s license. Data analysis using the binary logistic regression model revealed that the statistically significant predictors of visual standards among mass transit drivers were duration as a mass transit driver (coefficient β = -1.608, p = 0.042, Adjusted odds ratio [AOR] =0.200 (95% Confidence interval [CI]: 0.035, 0.807), and previous eye examination before driver’s license renewal (β = 0.606, p = 0.021, AOR =1.834 (95% CI: 1.096, 3.067).
Conclusion: Higher driving duration and eye examination before issuance/renewal of driver’s licence were associated with meeting visual standards for driving. Federal Road Safety Commission in conjunction with eye care sector should ensure routine visual assessment for driving among drivers. Also, routine eye health education should be carried out at road transport parks and via mass media on the importance of regular eye examination before issuance/renewal of driver’s licence.


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