Journal of the Nigerian Optometric Association

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Clinical findings and management of herpectic keratouveitis with secondary glaucoma (a case report)

UC Udom, FK Idu


Inflammation of the iris and ciliary body, referred to as anterior uveitis, occurs frequently with herpes zoster ophthalmicus. And may be isolated or associated with keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea. When associated with keratitis, it is referred to as Keratouveitis. Herpes zoster is a common infection caused by the human herpes virus 3 when reactivation of the latent virus in the trigeminal ganglia involves the ophthalmic division of the nerve. The virus damages the eye and surrounding structures by secondary perineural and intraneural inflammation of sensory nerves. Ocular complications sometimes ocular pressure (IOP) may be elevated as a result of altered or obstructed aqueous outflow, leading to uveitic glaucoma, with IOP ranging from 30 to 80Hg. The following case report is a review of clinical findings
andmanagement of herpetic keratouveitiswith secondary glaucoma in a 62-year-old black male, who had no facial rash.
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