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The growth performance and nutrient digestibility of wild indigenous guinea fowl keets (<i>Numida meleagris galeata</i>) fed varying levels of roasted <i>Senna occidentalis</i> seeds under intensive system.

SK Yahaya
BA Ayanwale
A Aremu
AT Ijaiya


An experiment was conducted to evaluate the performance and nutrient digestibility of wild indigenous guinea fowls fed different inclusion levels of processed Negro coffee (Senna occidentalis) seed meal under intensive management. In the experiment, Roasted Senna occidentalis meal (RSOM) was included at 0.0, 6.50, 13.00 and 19.50 % levels to formulate isonitrogenous (26 % Crude Protein) and isocaloric (3000Kcal/KgME) diets fed to 180 day-old guinea fowl keets during the starter phase. The result revealed that roasting increased the nutritional value of senna seeds in terms of Dry Matter (DM) and CP.Similarly, some of anti-nutritional factors like cyanide and trypsin inhibitors were reduced by 41.89 and 61.76 % respectively. The result of the feed intake ,final weight,FCR,water intake, PER and cost/kg feed showed significant difference(P<0.05).On the other hand, the values of Ether Extract were significantly affected by various inclusion levels of RSOM.The result of the nutrient digestibility revealed no significant difference (P>0.05) in DM,CP and Crude Fibre,however significant differences were recorded in EE, ash and Nitrogen Free Extract.From the result of this experiment, it can be concluded that roasted Senna occidentalis seed cannot be tolerated by guinea fowls keets even at 6.5% dietary level at the starter phase.

Key words: Wild indigenous guinea fowl, Growth performance, Roasted Senna occidentalis seed