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Farmers’ perception of the effect of climate change on yam production in Kajola local government area of Oyo state, Nigeria

TO Adedeji
IO Ewebiyi
AT Olawumi


The study was carried out in Kajola Local Government Area of Oyo State. Simple random sampling technique was used to select 100 yam farmers from the list of registered yam farmers in the local government area. Data generated were presented using frequency tables and percentages. Majority (63.0%) of the respondents were between 31-40 years, a large proportion had no formal education and are predominantly (75%) married and many (64%) has been in yam production for 5-15 years. Respondents were aware of the general decrease in yearly amount of rainfall (83.0%), reduction in rainfall days (77.0 %), decrease possibility of loss of soil nutrients (66.0), increased frequency of drought in recent decades (71.0%) and increased intensity of drought in recent decades (67.0%). A large number of respondents (91.0%, 92.0%, and 87.0%) respectively identified seasonal flooding, leaching of soil, fertility and high intensity of sunlight were severe constraints posed by climatic variation on yam production. Most (67.0%) strongly agreed that the common occurrence of flood in recent times reduces the qualitative and quantitative production of yam. Also 50.0% of respondents strongly agreed that the rising sunlight intensity has an indirect effect on yam production since it reduces labour availability. Majority (63.0%) reported that unpredictable nature of the sun intensity, temperature, rainfall and relative humility negatively affect yam production. Sixty three percent of the respondents had favourable perception of climate change towards their yam production while thirty seven percent of the respondents did not have favourable perception. The study concludes that respondents in the study area had favourable perception of climate change and recommends that enabling environment should be provided by the government and NGOs for their extension agent to take advantage of respondents’ favourable perception in packaging and implementation of adaptation strategies that yam farmers in the study area will adopt to checkmate adverse effects of climate change in order to boost their productivity.

Key words: Climate Change, Yams, Kajola, Flooding.