Gender analysis of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) collection, processing and marreting in rural enclaves of Omo biosphere, Nigeria

  • KI Kola-Oladiji
  • IO Ige
  • OE Obafunsho
  • AJ Ogunsola
Keywords: Gender, NTFPs, collection, processing and marketing


Millions of people, especially those living in rural areas in developing countries collect Non-Timber Forest products (NTFPs) daily. Women are known to play a prominent role in forestry and agricultural production in Nigeria despite not been captured as economically productive. This work looked into gender dimension associated with collection, processing and marketing of NTFPs in Omo biosphere reserve.

Simple random sampling technique was used to select 10 villages within and around the reserve.12 household respondents were interviewed with the aid of structured questionnaires in the selected villages. Data collected were subjected to descriptive statistics and result presented inform of tables and chart.

Finding showed the respondents are dominated by males (78.6%) while 90% are married, income earners with over ₦40000/month stood at 15%. It was found that apart from Theobroma cacao which is capital intensive to manage and require land ownership, there was virtually no NTFPs encountered that were not actively involved in by both sexes. Processing was found to be basically female based while collection is done by both sexes. Gender analysis of uses and benefit derived also indicated the involvement of both sexes. Much as women participated actively in collection, processing and marketing of these NTFPs, they should be given necessary opportunities to maximize their potentials

Keywords: Gender, NTFPs, collection, processing and marketing


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eISSN: 1597-0906