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Effect of alternative hormones on the rootability of <i>Parkia biglobosa</i>

O Dunsin
G Ajiboye
T Adeyemo


The need to improve the knowledge of vegetative propagation and create a paradigm shift in the attention of farmers and researchers through the introduction of the use of alternative hormones which will help to bypass the juvenile stages of certain species for better field establishment and to improve reforestation of certain threatened or extinct species. This study was conducted to determine the best alternative hormone on the semi-hardwood stem cutting of Parkia biglobosa. The alternative hormones used were Pure Honey, Coconut Water, Moringa Leaf Extract and Control. Five (5) semi-hardwoods stem cuttings of Parkia biglobosa with three (3) replicates giving 60 experimental units and were place in a propagating chamber for rooting. Moringa Leaf Extract was significantly higher than other treatments in terms of total number of roots, total length of roots and length of longest root. Coconut water was significantly higher in terms of percentage of rooted cuttings and number of cuttings with callus due to the presence of auxins and cytokinins. However, there was no significant difference between Moringa leaf extract and coconut water treatment in number of rooted cuttings, formation of callus, rooting success.

Keywords: Moringa Leaf Extract; Coconut Water; Honey; Rootability; Parkia biglobosa

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eISSN: 1597-0906